Pre Booking 2021Pesara Avakai: Salty Mango Pickle 1 Kg

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Pesara Avakai(Salty Mango Pickle) -The King of Pickles. Every Telugu home takes pride in making Avakai. One of the best traditional culinary gems of Indian food from Kongaras. Homemade and zero preservatives.This is a seasonal pickle prepared during Mang


This is a Prebooking and Tentative Delivery Date 4th May 2021

1Kg: Pack of 2 -500 Gms

Kongaras Exclusive Pickle-Rare recipe;Best Served with:Idli,All types of Dosas,White Rice-Ghee, Dal rice etc.

Ingredients: Medium-Large Mango pieces, salt,sesame oil,refined sunflower oil,Moong dal,garlic,mustard powder with Kongaras Magical Andhra Mix….

Handling:Once the pack is opened transfer the pickle into a dry jar, retain oil layer on the top, keep the jar closed after use and refrigerate it. Always use a dry spoon. No preservatives are added.

Shelf Life: 10-12 months


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